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Yong Heon Lee is a producer and production manager. After graduating from Choong Ang University in Seoul Korea, he learned individually on Animation production for a year and was hired at an animation company in 1987 in Seoul. Since then he has focused on the animation production field so far and has established a lot of networks.

Yong has over  30  years of experience in the production of  TV  and  Feature  Animation.  Yong has worked with a  number of companies including  Hanna  Barbera,  Marvel,  20th  Century  Fox,  Walt  Disney, Clasky Csupo, Cartoon Network, Paramount, and the Discovery Channel.

  • •          President and General Manager of NIC Productions Korea

  • •          Former General Manager for SeaHan Productions

  • •          Former Producer for Steve Hahn Films

  • •          Former Production Manager for Hanho Animation Studios

  • •          Produced 1,000 TV series episodes for Hanna Barbara and                               Marvel

  • •          Produced 26 episodes of Peter Pan for 20th Century Fox

  • •          Produced 300 episodes of animation for Disney and                                            Clasky Csupo.

His main job category is managing animation production and supervising the projects. Worked at animation production of OEM for US, Canada, France, Australia, and local creation as a manager for more than 30 years in South Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam. 



John is a producer, director, and designer with more than thirty years of multicultural and diverse industry experience in all aspects of animation production, including development, pre-production, production, and post-production with credits in more than forty projects. 
John has set-up his own full-service animation studio in the US,  Russia, and  Korea, overseeing business affairs and everyday operations focusing his attention on locating and training local talent.  John has to his credit over one hundred  TV episodes,  several animated features, and a number of pilots,  trailers, and commercials that he has produced in the US and overseas under his directorial supervision.

•          Member of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
•          Two-term Director on Board of Visual Artists Association of Los Angeles
•          Former consultant to Stan Lee Media Board of Directors
•          Former Head of outsourced production for Stan Lee Media
•          Former President of ZIS productions
•          Three-time EMMY Award nominee
•          EMMY Award-winning Producer
•          Grand Prize Annecy 1995 Producer Award

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