Kids 2 Fame (702) 562-1230 7473 W. Lake Mead Blvd. #100, Las Vegas, NV 89128. top BBB file opened: 07/30/2010 Contact Information Principal:  Tips BBB Advises Caution When Dealing With Talent/Modeling Agencies Beauty Pageants: The Cost of Fame Alex Simon also Managed Kids Talent Network back in 2008, I know this because I paid $500 to Alex at Kids Talent Network. KTN promised a website and market my son for 3 years. All I had to do is send updated pictures, Well the short story is that KTN is out of business about the same time Kids 2 fame started, KTN NEVER contacted me about any leads, I understand it is a risk and buyer beware. I did save every email from KTN and his staff, as for proof.

Hi. I got myself into Kids To Fame. I feel like I've been manipulated, pushed and scammed. Yes, I realize that I am the only one to blame. I feel like an idiot. But is there anyone else who feels or felt the same way? Doesn’t it bother you that Brandon is not the real name? We don’t know his real name or his last name. We never see the guy on Skype. We gave him our driver’s license, and we didn’t see his license/business registration document, or just a receipt. By the way, Kidz To Fame! is NOT a registered business or service. After he pushed that agreement on me, he referred me to another guy, who is another talent scout, organizing (poorly) the Skype auditions between the agencies and us. So, he also is a ?middle man?, who made me pay him for the ?convenience of not having to travel?. And it doesn’t make sense, because the Skype is free, and the interviews with the agents are free too, and we paid?Brendon? for the ?convenience? already. It makes me think that this is the whole middleman industry? which will make us pay much more than just $495.00. Three years of unnecessary expenses!? Should I expect some other problems?

He calls kids "Crispy doughnuts" 
Alex Simon (AKA Brandon Wright)  
Kids Talent Network
Kids 2 Fame
7374 W. Lake Mead Blvd Ste 100
Las Vegas NV 89128

Brad Milton is a con artist and his name is really Brandon Wright. Do not respond to him. Please see the below email he is sending out. He does not work for Instyle and I have already contacted Instyle about this. Please see the below email he is sending out. I'm Brad Milton, assistant casting director for Instyle magazine. I officially welcomed your interest on this opportunity as our potential model for the upcoming magazine cover shoot.

About Instyle Magazine:
What distinguishes us from other magazines is that our focus lies with upcoming artists in the fashion & entertainment industry. We are interested in the daily life of the upcoming model/artist. In Instyle Magazine you can also read about fashion, beauty, and interviews with upcoming models, photographers, actors, designers, DJs etc.

About The Job:

The project is strictly a photo shoot for you to display latest fashions which would be used to design our Magazine cover and the necessary photographic editing to portray the true picture of Instyle magazine for May edition. We only need to take your pictures in different poses to update our magazine.

Date/Time & Location.
There are two available dates for the shoot, so you are allowed to pick a date that will be suitable for your schedule. Date: 4TH OF MAY OR 11TH OF MAY. TIME:12 PM TO 4 PM.
Shoot Location/Venue: our favorite location for this gig is within your City, this was why you were selected as the closest model. The project manager will secure a suitable arena near enough for the shoot, and once we secured the venue; ONE WEEK BEFORE THE SHOOTING, the location info/address will be emailed to you. Transportation will cost you less both for you and your escort if you are willing to come with one to the venue.  If you will work with us then you must be approachable and courageous. And about compensation; our professional standard rate as stated and endorsed for this shoot is $200 per hour.An advanced deposit of $400.00 would be issued to you via a certified/valid Check as designed by our policy. Hereafter, your balance would be paid to you at the completion of the shoot.

Payment Session.
The payment has to be done in your name for proper customization on your attires and must tally with your records that would be sent along to the designer. The funds that you would use to pay the designer for your fashion accessories would not be from your pocket, it would be issued in one payment to you along with that of your advance payment

A check payment of $2,600 will be mailed out to you and you will get an advanced payment of $400 plus $2,200 for your attires/fashion accessories. So, as soon as you cashed the check, and deduct $400 endorsed for your advance pay, the rest of the fund ($2,200) is meant for your fashion accessories, customization and shipment charges that you will send to the store attendants/designer. Once we received a confirmation that the payment has been sent to you, complete Instructions will be emailed to you on how to process it and what is required by you to be sent for your measurements statistics across to the store designer properly. Once the store got the transaction info and you measurement statistics, all necessary fashion accessories for the shooting would be mailed to your address. But remember to take them along with you to the shooting location.

You may come with any escort of your choice, but remember to be punctual because the makeup artist would be sitting at the location waiting for you. I shall send you the venue info and driving directions One week before the shooting. Please read through the payment section over again for proper clarification, and we trust your alleged promises to the model industry that you are trustworthy and faithful.
If you have read and understood the content of this message kindly filled the "Sign Up Form" below.
1.Name to be written on the check:
2.Residence address:(Not Po. Box)
3.City/state/zip code
4.Daily access email address:
5.Direct Mobile phone number:
6.Attached along 2 photographs (If Any).
Lastly, When you get to the shooting location you will have to fill the model release form for this assignment before the shoot. Hope to hear from you shortly. Please be punctual with your email and response, because we neither welcome or appreciated late response.
Best Regards
281-545-7427(For both call/Text)

The People of the State of California vs. JAMES MCCLURE
Case Number FVI012504
Court Victorville Criminal
File Date 11/06/2000
Case Type Felony
Case Status Closed
Plaintiff  The People of the State of California
HS11377(A)-F: Possession Of Dangerous Drugs/Controlled Substance    
11377(A)    Felony    11/02/2000
PC148(A)(1)-M: Obstructs/Resists/Public Ofcr/Etc    
148(A)(1)    Misdemeanor    11/02/2000

1170.12(A)-(D)    Z-Comm    11/02/2000
1170.12(A)-(D)    Z-Comm    11/02/2000
1170.12(A)-(D)    Z-Comm    11/02/2000
Disposition Events 02/14/2001 Plea Not Guilty
HS11377(A)-F: Possession Of Dangerous Drugs/Controlled Substance    

05/23/2003 Plea Not Guilty
HS11377(A)-F: Possession Of Dangerous Drugs/Controlled Substance    

Guilty 02/14/2001 
PC148(A)(1)-M: Obstructs/Resists/Public Ofcr/Etc  
05/23/2003 Disposition
HS11377(A)-F: Possession Of Dangerous Drugs/Controlled Substance    
05/23/2003 Disposition
PC148(A)(1)-M: Obstructs/Resists/Public Ofcr/Etc    
05/23/2003 Sentenced 
HS11377(A)-F: Possession Of Dangerous Drugs/Controlled Substance    
05/23/2003 Sentenced
Adult Confinement Type: County Jail Term: 72 Months
11/06/2000 Note Comment 3 STRIKES CASE


Various Social Security Numbers
Date of birth: 05/02/1986
Home location: London, Ontario 
Nationality: Canadian

January 5, 2014

Brandon, casting agent is really Brandon K. Wright.

Brandon and Nicholas Christensen are on the run again.

They were last seen in Georgia and possibly heading to Florida.

They are driving a tan Chevy Equinox with Utah plates.
Went to Thames Secondary  School located at

785  Trafalgar St, London ON, N5Z 1E6.

Brandon left Canada by swimming across the border from  

British Columbia into Washington state.


Cabin 113 Misenheimer Road, NE, Milledgeville, GA 31061
Econo Lodge Inn& Suites 160Centenially Dr. Carrollton GA 30116
Motel 6 - Columbus, Ohio
Motel 6 - Throughout Orange County in California 
Motel 6 - Throughout Los Angeles County in California
11941 Saltair Terrace, Los Angeles, Ca. 90049
Motel 6 - 1001 S San Gabriel Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770
427 Westbourne Drive West Hollywood, CA 90048-1911
7374 W. Lake Mead Blvd Ste 100, Las Vegas NV 89128
18-35 Waterman Ave, London, ON N6C 5T4
191 Arbour Glen Crest, London, ON N5Y 2A4 


(323) 496-1773
(435 659-5574
(424) 230-9010 
(310) 927-1606

(713) 410-3501
(323) 333-6921 
(323) 333-9502
(207) 551-5490 
(207) 433-0820

Cruising Yachts – 1880 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, Ca. 92101.

The telephone number is (619) 681-0633.  In November 2013, Brandon used the name of

Brandon Miller with the address of 1041 Laurel Way, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210 to purchase a

Yacht with fraudulent bank documents for Canada Revenue and TD Canada Trust banks.

Jaguar/Land Rover – Salesman Gary Briggs located at 1540 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach, CA.

In August 2013, Brandon attempted to purchase a 2014 Aston Martin under the name of

Brandon Miller using the address of 11941 Salter Terrace, Los Angeles, Ca. 90049 Audi North

Atlantic – Salesman Jonathan Bush located at 11100 Alpharetta Hwy, Rosewell GA, 30076.

Telephone number (678) 795-3300.

In December 2013, Brandon attempted to purchase another vehicle.

12/12/2013 @ 3:02 PM
Spoke to Levi Morgan - Brandon kept him from Facebook and stuff Brandon purchased Mercedes

Levi left Brandon in California and Brandon stalked him all the way to Georgia. Brandon is a good

con artist. Levi left Brandon in Florida Brandon Miller on December 2 in for Miami and He had a

2008 Aston Martin.  Brandon demanded that Levido sexual favors in order to get a modeling contract.

Garrison (another model) made him do sexual favors as well. Documents from Paramount Pictures

that said Brandon worked for them and threatened that UTA will sue the family if they didn’t act

like they were having sex. Now he is using the video to threaten and blackmail Levi’s family.

Brandon said all of his money was in Canada and that he was dying from stomach cancer.

Thomas Bier is an attorney for model Rick Day so Rick told Levi to leave Brandon. He lived in

the motel 6 in Los Angeles for 2 months.He bought yachts, clothes, meet Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen

and other's. Brandon took all of Levi’s money and his families’ money. 

Police notified:
OfficerNawid Sarwar
Milledgeville Police Department
125 West McIntosh Street
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Tel: 478-414-4000
Case # 14-00047


This is a current photo of Brandon who is now using the name of Brandon Miller and Brandon North.

He is somewhere in Georgia where he continues to commit fraud, pornography, blackmail, and making terrorist threats. Brandon steals from department stores, and return's them to get cash or

to sell in order to get money to live on. 

Brandon claims to work for Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Brad Grey, UTA, and Tracy Jacobs.

He is working with his assistant Nicholas Christensen and they claim to manage Levi Morgan and

other models. Brandon attempted to purchase a Yacht and Aston Martin in Orange County, California. 

They were driving a white Chevrolet Silverado registered to Nick with plates from Utah. We have now

learned that they are driving a tan vehicle. Brandon mostly stays at Motel 6 or other cheap hotels.

Brandon and Nick broke into one of the victim’s houses a few weeks ago. This is one of the photos


Another victim was lured into being cast for a Bud Light commercial to be filmed in Millegeville this

weekend. IPG (Inter-Republic Group) was said to be the ad firm doing the commercial. Brandon and

Nick were staying in a cabin on Lake Sinclair. Brandon bought an Audi R8 for another victimbut said

he needed money to give his accountant so the victim wouldn't be liable for taxes. Brandon uses a

new fake name of Courtney Elizabeth on social networks to gain the trust of his male victims.


                  Brandon  Wright                                                            Nicholas Christensen  

Actors and models are warned that Brandon Wright is a compulsive liar and a con artist. Brandon has lured five (and counting) aspiring male models with false promises and fake modeling campaigns.  Brandon (AKA John Wright, Brandon Brockwood, Brandon Saucier, Brandon Brockwood-Saucier,  Brandon Martinez, Britni Larsen, Alex Simon, Sara Conner, Layla Marie Parker, Sara Kern and Brandon Kenneth) alleges that he is a modeling agent and event manager. He claims to work for and/or have a professional affiliation with  Eva Longoria, Creative Artists Agency/CAA, Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp, Kanye West and many other celebrities. Brandon has fraudulently maintained he could get one actor a recurring role on "True Blood" and another a high-paying role in a Robert DeNiro film, neither of which he has any affiliation with. Brandon is portraying himself as a manager with Kids 2 Fame, Kids Talent Network, and The Talent Network.  Brandon has been contacting individuals via Facebook, offering to directly book them for various modeling jobs. He has been committing fraud from London, Ontario Canada and all over the United States. Brandon is stalking one of his victims and his last whereabouts were in Denver, Colorado where he was placed in a Psychiatric facility for 72 hours and then released before we could get all of the evidence submitted to police.

There are six more models that have provided statements where Brandon has conned them out of $700 to $1,500 for the same scam he did with Vandervort and Myros. Brandon has lured at least "two" models to Canada. Another model claims Brandon had offered him $200 to have dinner with him and allow Brandon to massage him.  Brandon Wright does not have a modeling agency and he has lured at least one American model to Canada with false promises and fake modeling campaigns. It was reported by well known and highly respected model and actor Paul Vandervort that Brandon had been contacting him for over a year, via Facebook, offering to directly book him for various modeling jobs. In May 2010, Brandon guaranteed Vandervort two modeling campaigns for Canadian based company "Bootlegger" and promised that Vandervort would be paid for both campaigns upon arrival for a total of $23,000.  Vandervort accepted the offer and Brandon booked his flight and made hotel reservations. Vandervort spent four days in London, Ontario waiting to shoot his campaign with Bootlegger but the shoot kept getting pushed back, however Brandon claimed he'd already received confirmation from his contact "Evelyn" at Bootlegger that Vandervort's fee of $23,000 was already successfully wired to Vandervort's account in Los Angeles and that Vandervort had nothing to worry about if the shoot were to get pushed even further or postponed. This was NOT the case at all. Vandervort spent four days in Ontario waiting and hanging out with Brandon Wright, during which time Wright also claimed to be moving to LA and Vandervort as a junior agent at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, California.  Brandon claimed that he'd also received a large inheritance and because of his respect and admiration for Vandervort, he'd be willing to help him tremendously back in LA financially and also by representing him as an agent at CAA.  Based on Vandervort's report, it turned out that Brandon Wright has no legitimacy in the modeling or acting industry in the US or Canada. Brandon Wright was simply a fan of Vandervort and the very detailed and elaborate story of Wright's was his way of establishing contact and getting to know Vandervort on a personal level.  Vandervort stated that he spent the following two weeks after his Canada trip constantly on the phone with Brandon trying to collect his money.  Brandon provided Vandervort with a receipt of the transfer from CIBC in Canada, however, it didn't have a reference number and when Vandervot called the bank, they verified no money had ever been sent. After over 10 transfer "attempts" and days of excuses, Vandervort finally confronted Brandon Wright and told him he refused to waste any more time with him.


James is what the authorities call "The poster boy for one of the worst sexual violent predators." He has been molesting, raping, beating, and using knives on his victims since 1977. He has been sentenced for five known rapes, but I know of four more rapes and two molestations, which he was not charged for. He raped his niece and molested two of his cousins before his last return to prison. Research shows that sex offenders cannot be cured and they should never be allowed to return to society. Trust me, James is not someone who should ever be free. We must protect our future and avoid losing more souls to these sexual monsters. Just keep in mind that it could be your daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend or even you who becomes the next victim of a sexual predator. 

Known Aliases

Date of Birth:    07-13-1956
Sex:    MALE
Height:    5'5"
Weight:    140
Eye Color:    HAZEL
Hair Color:    BROWN
Ethnicity:    WHITE

Offense Code    261(2)
Description    PRIOR CODE: RAPE BY FORCE   
Offense Code    261.2/261.
Offense Code    288a(c)

Offense Code    289
The registrant has a subsequent felony conviction(s) but DOJ has no

incarceration information for this felony.

Last Known
Address:    2751 S RECHE CNY RD APT # 78, COLTON, 92324


The photo above was when Brandon was beaten after another modeling deal of his went sour with Canadian football 'hero' Alex Myros of the London Silverbacks. Brandon claims that he was beaten out of Alex's gay hatred. It wasn’t gay-bashing, a former semi-pro football player says of why he punched a gay man in the head. Instead, the former London Silverback testified, it was because he was shaken down by a con man that made him believe he’d get a $200,000 pornographic modeling contract if he took part in sexual acts and paid out $700. 

Alex Myros, 24, admitted he was “gullible” with Brandon Wright, a self-described modeling agent injured September 8, 2009, after he was punched and jumped from Myros’ pickup. Myros, whose heroism in a 2009 car crash earned him a bravery citation, pleaded not guilty to two counts of uttering threats, but guilty to assault causing bodily harm.  Myros insisted Wright’s sexual orientation had nothing to do with it.

"I have no problem with a person’s sexuality,” Myros said repeatedly.  Before hearing Myros’ version, Superior Court Justice John Desotti heard from Wright, 24, who has two criminal convictions for theft under $5,000. It was apparent Wright had suffered from an astonishing case of witness amnesia as he testified through closed-circuit TV.  His testimony was replete with “I’m not sure,” “I don't really remember” and “I don’t know.” Wright didn't want to review his police statement and couldn't recall what he said at Myros’ preliminary hearing.


Sergeant E. Ford
Criminal Investigations Chamblee Police Department
3518 Broad Street Chamblee, Georgia 30341 770.986.5009
Inv. Quinlan is my point of contact….he can be reached