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 California and New Mexico 


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A private investigator, often called a private eye or a private detective, is a person whom individuals or groups can hire to undertake investigatory law services.  
Private investigators often work for attorneys, insurance companies, and individuals in civil and criminal cases.

[ Criminal Investigations ]

  • Fraud investigations

  • Crime scene investigations

  • Sexual crime investigations

  • Theft investigations

  • Kidnapping investigations

  • Assault investigations

  • Homicide investigations

  • Criminal defense investigations


[ Domestic Affairs ]

Child custody and support are often the most disputed areas as they affect both emotions and money. Unfortunately, children are often used as bargaining chips. It is the parents’ responsibility to manage their children’s growth and development continues even though the marriage ends.

[ Fraud Investigation ]


Fraud can be one of the most challenging issues to prove. The type of investigation services required when dealing with fraud cases demands experience only seasoned investigators can offer.


[ Background Checks ]


A background check will investigate an individuals’ background based on criteria determined by their prospective or current employer. The background may include employment, education, criminal records, credit history, motor vehicle, and license record checks. 

[ Missing Persons ]


If you're missing a friend or family member, you're not powerless. There are clear actions that you can take to increase the chances of your loved one being found quickly and safely, including alerting the authorities, engaging the community, and deploying trained investigators. 


                [ Surveillance ]


P.I's working all kinds of different cases, from missing persons to insurance fraud,  to theft and vandalism, to determining if a parent is fit to have child custody or visitation rights to proving marital infidelity.

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