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Life in the forest isn't always what it seems. There is a clan of tiny creatures, the Oolygalees, who stand about six inches tall and have apricot-colored skin. Get ready to dive into their world in this fun-filled children's book filled with adventure, fantasy, and wonder! Deep within the San Bernardino National Forest is a small village called Little Bear Valley. There is about 14 miles of shoreline, about 100 feet deep.

The sun can be seen through the trees as the wind blows back and forth, and you can hear small animals in the distance. Oolygalees are quiet, friendly, and gentle creatures living next to different insects, little birds, and other small forest animals. They live amongst the grass, bushes, trees, and water. They are friends with everyone in the forest but soon encounter one of the most dangerous bugs, the Bark Beetles.

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Delve into the depths of one of America's most infamous political scandals with 'The Warren Harding Affair': a captivating exploration of power, betrayal, and scandal that rocked the presidency and forever altered the course of history."

The circumstances surrounding President Warren G. Harding's death in 1923 remain shrouded in mystery and controversy. Harding died suddenly on August 2, 1923, while on a trip to the West Coast. His death occurred under suspicious circumstances, prompting speculation and various theories about the cause.


According to historical accounts, Harding's health had been a concern during his presidency, and he may have experienced illness, possibly food poisoning, during his trip to the West Coast. His sudden demise led to speculation about the role of his physicians and concerns about the handling of his medical care.


One notable aspect is the absence of an autopsy, reportedly at the request of his wife, Florence Harding. Instead, Harding's body was embalmed just an hour after his death, raising questions about the thoroughness of the investigation into the cause of death.

The initial official cause of death was attributed to a stroke, but doubts have been cast on this explanation over the years. Some historians and medical experts have proposed alternative theories, including the possibility of poisoning. However, concrete evidence supporting such theories has been elusive.


Florence Harding's decision to burn her husband's personal papers further fueled speculation and conspiracy theories surrounding Harding's death. The destruction of these documents has contributed to the mystery surrounding his presidency and his untimely demise.


In summary, the exact cause of President Harding's death remains a subject of debate and speculation among historians and medical experts, with various theories proposed but no definitive conclusion reached.


As P.I. Becky begins her investigation into President Harding's death, she faces a challenging task ahead. The case is decades old, shrouded in mystery and controversy, with various theories and speculation surrounding the circumstances of Harding's demise. However, armed with determination, resourcefulness, and keen investigative skills, P.I. Becky is ready to uncover the truth.

This novel has several current and vital topics, like the MeToo movement, and is seen through the victim's eyes. It is a suspenseful, packed autobiographical depicting my turbulent memories of parental neglect, childhood molestation, rape, and sexual identity confusion - quite a brutal awakening for anyone to survive. 
To summarize, the story is centered around me, a wide-eyed child of innocence ushered through a tormentors family life, then de-flowered by continuous molestations and a brutal rape by a convict cousin. Through it all, I managed to preserve my inner innocence and sense of goodwill. 
However, my life continues to spiral through relationship taboos and drama until I finally suffer an emotional breakdown and am suddenly confronted with the truth. I question my existence in the World and whether I can love and be loved in return. 
At the brink of hopelessness, I make a startling change and leap into love again—with another woman. It is a poignant story of a survivor who is unwilling to compromise his integrity and is willing to embrace his newfound identity while becoming a private investigator.  


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I became a private investigator to make a little difference in this World. My manuscript will tell the stories of my life and my cases for the past 27 years. I investigated domestic cases, child abuse, rape survivors, murder, and kidnapping, and I worked in the Entertainment Industry. Those cases include Randy Quaid, Marilyn Monroe’s assistant Pat Newcomb, Comic creator Stan Lee, Producer David G Riggs, exposing the MPAA in the documentary this film is not yet rated, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and my dear friend Peter F Paul.
I have learned that family is about unconditional love, understanding, support, and always being there when loved ones need you the most. I had to accept who I am to find the true happiness I always deserved. I have God in my life, and I couldn’t have survived without him. I am worth being loved, and the pain in my past has made me who I am today - a person who is loved, recognized, cared about, and a good person who finally has a real family. God saved me and gave me a family that brings me so much love and happiness. 


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In the tumultuous streets of 19th-century Hell's Kitchen, gangs like the notorious Hudson Dusters held sway, preying on the vulnerable immigrant population with theft, muggings, and even murder. Led by figures like Kid Yorke, Circular Jack, and Goo Knox, the Dusters were a force to be reckoned with, recruiting boys as young as seven to assist in their criminal endeavors.

Among these impressionable youths was eight-year-old Louie, who roamed the streets with his peers, partaking in daring escapades of theft and evasion. The rival Gophers, though not as renowned for their combat prowess, engaged in daily clashes with the Dusters, creating an atmosphere of constant tension in Hell's Kitchen.

Moving their operations to different locations, the Dusters eventually settled in a house on Hudson Street, where they indulged in wild nights of revelry and debauchery fueled by cocaine and the company of West Side prostitutes. Despite the annoyance of neighbors and business owners, none dared to confront the gang, fearing swift and brutal retaliation.

Louie, now fourteen, recognized the danger of his surroundings and made the decision to leave New York behind. Embracing the life of a hobo, he embarked on a journey across America, hopping trains and facing hardships but ultimately finding refuge and a fresh start in California.

Amidst the chaos and violence of Hell's Kitchen, Louie's story is one of resilience and survival, a testament to the human spirit's ability to endure and overcome even the most dire circumstances.

"Thelma's Journey: A Tale of Courage and Compassion in the Montana Mountains"


In the majestic setting of Montana's mountains, young Thelma embarks on a daring quest to save River, the beloved horse of her grandfather, the Indian Chief. As tradition dictates the sacrifice of River upon the Chief's passing, Thelma is determined to defy fate and ensure the horse's freedom.


Facing daunting challenges of nature and wildlife, Thelma's journey takes her through treacherous terrain, where she encounters bighorn sheep, deer, and buffalo. However, the real tests come in the form of fierce predators like wolves, cougars, and bears, threatening her mission at every turn.


Driven by love and fueled by determination, Thelma must navigate perilous obstacles, risking her own safety to protect River and uphold the bond between horse and Chief. Along the way, she learns profound lessons about bravery, resilience, and the enduring power of compassion in the face of adversity.


Join Thelma on an unforgettable adventure as she embarks on a courageous odyssey to defy tradition, forge her own path, and safeguard the precious bond between a young girl and her loyal friend amidst the untamed wilderness of Montana.


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