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Ariel Investigations:
Discreet & Experienced.

In every case we work, we help our clients to the best of our ability and guide them in the right direction so they can obtain the information they seek. Contact us today if you have a case you’d like us to analyze and solve. The proof of our expertise is reflected in our clientele.  We are proud to list our past and current clients.


Linda Blair World Heart Foundation

Office of Jay Tanenbaum

Law Office of Craig Russell 
Actor Randy Quaid
Actor Bill Cobbs
Actor Linda Blair

Stan Lee

Stan Lee Media

Dr. Phil Show

Hobnox, USA

Chain Camera Productions

State Compensation Insurance
Kaiser Permanente Medical

Lumber Mutual Insurance

Taste Of Asia Restaurant

Pacific Gas and Electric

Loma Lynda Productions

McCafferty Productions

Blood Worx Films

St. Paul Insurance

Gemini Aluminum

Peace Over Violence

What If Pictures, Inc.

Progressive Forest

After Burner Films

"If you need to know something about a person in your life Becky Altringer is the one you want to turn to! She leaves no stone unturned, is dogged and diligent in her approach, and doesn't stop until she finds the truth. I especially appreciate that Becky always backs up her findings with photos or documents to prove her case.

She's among the best!"

 Diane Dimond


“I have worked with P.I. Becky for many of my cases. Her work is accurate, comprehensive, timely, and many times reveling of previously unknown facts.” 


Jay J. Tanenebaum, Esq. 

The Law Office of Jay Tanenbaum

 “Becky Altringer is a dedicated, hard working keen practitioner of the art of investigating. She is eager to take on any type of challenge and brings all her resources to bear to solve problems.  I certainly look forward to working with her again soon.”

Academy Award Nominated Director Kirby Dick Chain Camera Productions

Becky has built a reputation in the industry as the Hollywood Investigator. Her investigative prowess was featured in Kirby Dick's documentary "This Film is Not Yet Rated" and she has the determination and spunk to complete the task, no matter how daunting.


Gemma Beristain

Picore Enterprises

Becky is an outstanding performer with professional attributes that set her well above her peers. She has always been responsive and diligent and creates an excellent work product.

Riley Parker

P.O.S.T Background Investigator

"If you need a Private Investigator, Ariel Investigations is the one to use.  When we needed them, they came immediately, listened to us, gave us recommendations and acted on our case that day.  They are professional, competent and great people to work with.  I have passed their name on to many of our business acquaintances and personal friends."


Celia Ferreira
Progressive Forest Industries

“After working with P.I. Becky, I am convinced that she is one of the best P.I.'s around.  Her drive and determination along with an easy-going attitude make for an excellent combination when it comes to investigative work. She is relentless in her pursuit of justice. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!”


Debbie Liekkio

What If Pictures, Inc.

Becky Altringer at Ariel Investigations provided expert service, meeting short deadlines with the highest integrity. I would consider no one else to perform investigative services. Becky is the best, by far.

Kristine Hurst

Writing Assocaites

Becky has worked on several P.I and security projects for my company. Each time she was professional and provided quality work. 

Dana Picore, Ph.D.

Picore Enterprise

“Creative, Strategic, and they get results.  That's how I describe Ariel
Investigations.  I have used them professionally and personally and have
always been completely satisfied.”

Patricia Giggans
Executive Director
Peace Over Violence

"We chose Becky because she is extremely likable and really good at what she does. She’s so friendly and approachable, she could be your neighbor. No one would expect her to be a PI.”

Producer Eddie Schmidt 

Chain Camera Productions

I would highly recommend Becky to handle any of your investigative needs, she provides an excellent service and is highly qualified in her field.

Pam Fuehrer

Fuehrer Investigations

“P.I. Becky understands my needs and most importantly my business. Becky can take a project and manage it from start to finish and leave no stone unturned. She has worked for me on many projects with utmost integrity and professionalism. I highly recommend the services of Becky as a personal assistant and investigative services without a moment’s hesitation” 

Virada Khowong Chef

Taste of Asia  

Becky always gets the job done and is a pleasure to work with.

Deborah A. Klar

Attorney at law

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